Patients recovering from COVID-19 could help others

A Houston 25-year-old has almost fully recovered from Coronavirus COVID-19. As of Sunday evening, more than 70 people in Houston had officially recovered from the sometimes deadly virus.

According to 25-year-old Kate Koenig, she hasn’t felt any symptoms for about a week.

“I am honestly incredibly lucky, to not have had to go to the hospital,” said Koenig. “I’m doing okay. I’m happy to be better. I physically was struggling a lot. I almost passed out taking a shower. Standing up to take a shower was too much.”

Koenig lives in Houston but thinks she got the virus in New York at her graduate school.

“We got an email once I was in Houston that there were students that had it,” said Koenig.

Koenig says she got tested for COVID-19 on March 20. However, she didn’t receive the positive results until April 4, more than 2 weeks later. According to Koenig, she spent that time social distancing at home. So far, no one else in her house has tested positive for the virus.

“I was treating it as if I had it,” said Koenig.

While Koenig is starting to feel better, doctors are hoping to find a treatment plan. According to experts, including Dr. Oz, plasma donations from recovered COVID-19 patients could help those still battling the Coronavirus.

“Plasma therapy could change the course of the pandemic in the United States,” said Dr. Oz. “When you deliver this plasma to someone still fighting off an infection, you also give them antibodies. This helps them neutralize the virus in their body and recover faster, but there’s still one major hurdle, finding recovered patients to donate.”

“I’m pushing very hard in trying to get the information to do that,” said Koenig, referring to donating plasma. “It’s not very clear online. I know how serious this is. I just think it’s about being a good member of the community and to help.”

The Red Cross is accepting plasma donations. If you have recovered from Coronavirus COVID-19 they’re taking applications for donors here.