Pasadena city council member investigated for ‘double dipping'

Pasadena city councilman Cody Ray Wheeler is facing an investigation, that has been confirmed by the Harris County Attorney’s Office only.

Wheeler is accused of working his county job while also on the clock as a councilman for the City of Pasadena. State law forbids an employee from getting paid from two governmental entities at the same time for the same hours.

Wheeler says he has his side to tell. He feels like he’s being set up by a political foe and he denies breaking the law, but he does admit to what he calls a timecard discrepancy.

He found himself under investigation when a packet of documents from an anonymous source showed up at the Harris County Commissioner’s Court, including his boss Commissioner Rodney Ellis who said he turned over the anonymous letter to the county attorney and the district attorney. There is no word from the district attorney that they are conducting a criminal investigation.

Cody Wheeler is on the Factor to talk about this.