Parents in Fort Bend ISD fed up with re-zoning of students

A group of protesters gathered outside of Fort Bend Independent School District headquarters to say they are ready to fight against what they claim is the unfair rezoning of their kids. They've hired a big name, Wayne Dolcefino, of Dolcefino Consulting to help their battle.

“This is a message to the Fort Bend Independent School District to stop the arrogance. Respect parents,” says Dolcefino.

Over a dozen parents and their children came out to Fort Bend ISD headquarters, holding on to their signs despite the cold to get their message out.

“All of our children are tired of being used as pawns in this rezoning and rebalancing game," Nadine Skinner, a parent says. "For years and years we have not just been rezoned, but we have been threatened with rezoning over and over again.”

“Rebalancing kids, means rebalancing teachers, it means rebalancing resources, and anything done swiftly is not done well.” said Allison Drew, also a parent.

The school district says there’s a lot of growth in the central area, as a result its recommended to build a new elementary school, and they would also need to balance enrollment between First Colony Middle School and Fort Settlement Middle School. However, parents claim they were left in the dark.

Skinner tells us “I went to a board meeting on February 18, and then the next day we found out that they were going to be doing these boundary changes.”

Fort Bend ISD issued a statement:

“The modification of attendance boundaries is not something that Fort Bend ISD ever takes lightly, but due to continuous growth in some areas of our District, it does become necessary from time to time in order to ensure the very best learning environments for all students.

There has been continuous growth in the central area of the District, and as a result, the 2018 Facilities Master Planning process resulted in a recommendation to construct a new elementary school in this area, and to also balance enrollment between First Colony Middle School and Fort Settlement Middle School.

As this planning process continues, we remain committed to supporting any students affected by a boundary change, and providing safe and supportive learning environments at all schools.”

The parents decided to hire Dolcefino Consulting in order to keep things transparent between them and the school district. Dolcefino Consulting says they are fighting to have school records released so that parents can know what the district is up to.