Palestine mourns 6 victims of flash flooding

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Authorities have found a sixth body following flash flooding in East Texas that also killed a woman and her four great-grandchildren.

The latest victim was identified as 30-year-old Giovani Olivas of Palestine, Texas, who was swept under flood waters.

"The school district and all the community is involved," said Janet McCreary, who worked on the cleanup Sunday. "We've lost 6 community members."

"I was born and raised in Palestine," said Sarah Lee. "So even though I may not talk to you every day I know about you. I see young people especially with social media. And we all know your family. We're all connected some way."

The Timber Drive neighborhood is where 64-year-old Lenda Asberry and her four great-grandchildren -- ages 6, 7, 8 and 9 -- died. On Sunday, images of all five had been placed on the boarded up doorway of their flood-damaged home.

Two doors away Berto Clark said she was fighting to keep her head above water early Saturday morning.

"All my furniture was floating around… had to get on my couch. Got on one end of my couch my head was almost to the top," she said.

The four dead children went to two different schools in Palestine. Counselors will be there on Monday.

Palestine police said all six bodies have been taken to Tyler for autopsies, which will be completed on Monday.

More than 7 inches of rain fell in less than an hour late Friday evening, swamping a neighborhood and forcing some people onto their roofs.

The city said about 22 homes suffered major damage. About 18 others, including businesses in the old part of town, were affected.