One-year-old boy shot in apparent road rage incident

It’s a father’s worst nightmare.

Houston police are on the hunt for a driver who shot a one-year-old boy in an apparent road rage incident this afternoon. It happened on the Southwest Freeway feeder road near Gessner.

Police say he accidentally cut off another car, and that other driver shot into his car, hitting his one-year-old son in the back.

He pulled into a nearby Phillips 66 gas station to get help.

“The guy comes in with his kid, and the kid was bleeding from behind," said Bursuram Sharma, the gas station manager. 

“He was saying, ‘My baby got shot,’ and he was really frantic, and he had another baby in the car," said witness Steven Gamez.

Good Samaritans at the gas station rushed to the aid of a one-year-old boy shot in the upper back.

“It kind of missed the spine by about an inch, and he also had a puncture wound in the front of the chest," Gamez said.

A nurse happened to be in the gas station.

“My girlfriend’s a nurse. She knows exactly what to do," said another witness.

“She had some paper towels where she was covering the wound," said Gamez.

You can see where the bullet entered the trunk of the car and went straight through to the back seat where the little boy was sitting.

Bystanders helped the father call 911.

“He couldn’t really hear that well. He was using a lot of sign language," Gamez said. 

“He wouldn’t speak much, so he gave the phone to me so that I could narrate to them what actually happened," said Sharma.

Police say the baby was stable and conscious when he was rushed to Texas Children’s Hospital.

“To have someone so young injured that gravely, it saddens all of us," says Lt. Elisa Smith with Houston Police Department. 

“What’s this world coming to now? Where are you safe?” said Gamez.

Police are now looking at surveillance video trying to track down the shooter. The only suspect description they can give right now is a blue newer model car, possibly a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord.

The driver is a darker complected man with a female passenger.

If you have any details on this suspect call crime stoppers 713-222-TIPS.