Officer-involved shooting on Houston METRO, suspect taken to hospital

Officials say someone is in the hospital after an officer-involved shooting on a METRO train.

According to Assistant Chief Kevin Deese, METRO police officers initiated a pedestrian stop in the 4500 block of Main Street at Wheeler Station in Midtown around 1:30 p.m. It is unknown why the officers stopped the pedestrian, but the incident escalated to the point that Deese said the person threatened to kill the officers. Around that same time, the train pulled up to the station.


The person boarded the train and the officers boarded along with them. The incident reportedly turned physical in which both officers ended up on the ground in an intense struggle with the suspect.

Deese said one of the officers deployed their taser which was ineffective. According to witnesses, the officer was on the ground in some form of a chokehold, which put his safety in jeopardy.

The second officer then fired their weapon and hit the man in their "lower extremities", Deese says. The officers were then able to subdue and take the person into custody.

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Officials say the suspect was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and one officer was brought to the hospital as well. The second officer remained at the scene and was treated there.

According to Deese, it is very early in the investigation.

This is yet another incident at a METRO station in the Houston area. The latest incident happened on Dec. 15, when one man was attacked by a group of men with a baseball bat.