Obama, Clinton stop by Midwood Smokehouse after campaign rally

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President Obama and Hillary Clinton stopped at Midwood Smokehouse in Charlotte's Plaza-Midwood neighborhood Tuesday, which was about a five minute drive from the rally site.

The two arrived at the restaurant just after 5 p.m. Tuesday, July 5. 

It was unclear if patrons knew if President Obama and Hillary Clinton would be coming, but it didn't seem so.

There weren't more than 25 customers inside.

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The president's order at the smokehouse, per aides was: pulled pork, brisket and a variety of sides. Lunch aboard AF1 en route to Charlotte was a pork BBQ sandwich with coleslaw, at least in the press cabin.

Obama reportedly told a woman seated nearby that he wouldn't take selfies because "We can't be here too long," but he gave her a nice hug. A dad and daughter snuck in a selfie from about 15 feet away, not that the president spotted them.

By the time the motorcade pulled out at 5:22 p.m. Tuesday there were a couple of dozen onlookers on the sidewalk.