Nothing stolen in Pearland home invasion

It happened within a matter of minutes.

"My alarm was going off as soon as that door broke," says Viet Vo who says three men broke into his home Saturday evening, weapons in hand.

Vo says, "all three of them came in with guns just drawn out and ready to do something."

Saturday afternoon Vo and his family were our of the house celebrating his wife's birthday. To their surprise an unexpected and unwanted present broke in through their back door.

"I'm just thankful we weren't home, because it was on a Saturday, which we usually are home every Saturday and like I said there were three cars parked up front, they didn't care," says Vo.

The homeowners caught the whole thing on camera too.

"They went around here then two of them went upstairs then the third one went upstairs, I don't know why," says Vo.

The men were only inside the house for a couple of minutes. Vo's brother, a Pearland police officer, was the first to respond on scene. While Vo says he's grateful they were out of the house, he's still not sure why they broke into his home because he says they didn't take a single thing.

"I'm just glad like I said nobody was home and nobody was hurt," says Vo.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.