Non-profit, Cool Dad, shows off importance of fatherhood

The countdown to Christmas is on and Old Saint Nick has picked up some new assistants.

Santa's little helpers are typically tiny guys with pointy ears in funny shoes but a couple of Houston dads who don't fit that description are packing in the presents this year, just in time for Christmas. I caught up with the two Houston fathers who actually make up one Cool Dad.

"Cool Dad is a non-profit organization that is centered around the importance of fatherhood,” says Cool Dad Co-Founder Kevin Barnett. Best friends Kevin Barnett and Arvy Lim are the creators of Cool Dad.


They actually met years ago while both were on a job interview competing for the same gig. “We both got the job,” they laugh.

They created Cool Dad for one reason. "Becoming a father changed my life. The best thing is the unconditional love that I get within the home from my wife and from my daughter,” smiles Barnett.

"We thought it was just going to be a few dads but next thing you know there's a lot of dads just knocking at the door saying hey how can I help,” Lim explains. The group's latest act of love?


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Kenyon Martin Sr., who played 15 years in the NBA, could not be more proud and happy that his son, KJ, is following in his footsteps. 

"Check that out. Dads gift wrapping,” laughs Lim. The dads in Cool Dad collected more than 150 Christmas presents for kids at one Houston Boys and Girls Club.

"We focused on donations for 100 kids, ages from 6-17. Unused clothing, electronics, and toys,” Lim explains. Not only did the dads drive this Christmas collection, they gathered the gifts and wrapped every one of them.

"We're definitely excited to do this and hopefully all the gifts come out looking presentable,” Barnett smiles.

The wrapping may not be perfect but dads coming together to make sure dozens of kids have Christmas is a special gift indeed. "What I hope is for these kids to understand that they're loved and it takes a village,” says Barnett.

"Ultimately if one or two kids maybe down the line ten years from now are like 'hey I remember that time I received a gift from a donation I want to do the exact same thing'. That makes it completely worth it,” adds Lim.

If you are a cool dad and would like to officially become a Cool Dad visit or stop by @coolxdad on Instagram.