"No Justice" reveals story of African-American man mistakenly shot by white officer in Bellaire

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It was a local story that made national headlines, "A young Black man, shot by a white police officer in the Houston suburb of Bellaire."

On New Year’s eve 2008, Robbie Tolan was shot in the chest, after he was mistakenly accused of stealing his own car, while in his own driveway. The story of what happened that night, and coping with the aftermath of surviving a police shooting are detailed in a new book, NO JUSTICE: One White Police Officer, One Black Family, and How One Bullet Ripped Us Apart.

The young man, Robbie Tolan who went through the experience and co-author of the book shared his insights about the traumatic shooting that sparked a 10-year battle with the Supreme Court.

The bullet remains in his back now serves as a reminder of the racial profiling that nearly cost him his life. That night transformed a tragedy into a call of justice; not only for Robbie but for the other black men and women being targeted by white police officers who have not had the same outcome.

"When you talk about victims of racial profiling, more specifically police shootings--9 out of 10 victims are dead and you don't have those stories told first-hand, so I think this book is really necessary." Tolan said.

One of Tolan's goals is to help other families who've struggled through racial profiling and police shootings, and sharing his story is a critical step. "I survived a police shooting that could have been fatal. Like my mom said, it helps to help somebody else."  Tolan continued. 

 Tolan's "No Justice" book signing is slated for Thursday January 25th from 6 to 8 PM at The Breakfast Klub.