No AC for patients at Kindred Hospital The Heights during hottest week of year

As temperatures hit triple digits this week, a patient at Kindred Hospital The Heights comes to FOX 26 with complaints about being without air conditioning.

David Scott says temperatures in his hospital room have been very warm since Saturday. He invited FOX 26 to his hospital room on the fourth floor to check it out Wednesday. FOX 26 witnessed warm temperatures in the hallway and room and other patients with their doors open and portable fans blowing. An AC repair crew was also on scene.

“At 103 degrees outside, you tell me how it felt,” said Scott. “I’m having to take a shower twice a day just to keep cool in here—to keep the sweat off of here.”

Scott said he’s concerned the heat in the room may affect the healing process after surgery on his foot.

“I can’t afford to lose my limbs behind negligence from somebody else,” said Scott.

He says the AC stopped working Saturday.

“They wasn’t telling nobody what was going on,” said Scott. “Just telling them they gonna have it fixed today, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.”

He says the hospital brought in electric fans, but when they removed the fans from his room Wednesday, David called FOX 26. The fans were back when FOX 26 arrived.

“After they found out I called, then everybody come in and try to see what they can do—expedite this, expedite that,” said Scott.

The hospital gave Scott this memo on Wednesday: 

“The Heights is currently experiencing an air conditioning outage. However, we are in the process of repairing the unit as quickly as possible. It is our expectation to complete the work on the 4th floor today and the 3rd floor tomorrow.”

“Come on now,” said Scott. “Be serious. You in a closed in building, I might as well be standing out there in that heat.”

Kindred Hospital The Heights sent FOX 26 this statement:

"We have been working to repair an issue with our air conditioning system and hope to have our system working normally throughout the hospital as soon as possible. We have brought in portable cooling units and fans in an effort to reduce the temperatures. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused."