New Katy ISD superintendent narrowed to top finalist

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Katy has a very involved school community, and some want to learn more about the top superintendent finalist before it's a done deal. As announce Friday, he is Dr. Lance Hindt, the current Allen ISD Superintendent.

"We want to know about Mr Hindt," says Kim Belcher, a member of a large Facebook group named Katy  "He's coming in to lead a group of 70,000 students and their parents and this community."

Hindt is a 1983 graduate of Katy's Taylor High School graduate.  He's been an Assistant Superintendent for Fort Bend ISD, and was the Superintendent at Stafford ISD before becoming Allen ISD's Superintendent in 2014. But there's obviously more to learn.

"I can't find any of his thoughts on the current testing problems, or the future of testing which involves a lot of privacy concerns for our students," Belcher tells Fox 26.

Belcher wrote a letter to Katy ISD School Board President Rebecca Fox asking for a town hall style meeting with Dr. Hindt. She hopes to take advantage of the state mandated 21 day vetting period before Hindt's contract is finalized.

But before Fox even had a chance to respond to the request, Belcher had acquired an online stalker.

"There was a fake Facebook page created using my profile to harass me and make fun of me for going on to the internet and researching Mr. Hindt," Belcher says.

Fortunately the school board president isn't judging anyone who wants to learn more. Fox spoke to us by phone today.

"While I will absolutely try to facilitate a meeting with them, I'm not sure it can happen within the 21 day period because of his commitment to the school district that actually has him under contract," Fox said.  "But if they have some questions they feel are critical before that 21 day period is up, I'd absolutely take them and submit them to Dr. Hindt and see if he could get them some answers."

Ms. Fox is confident the more people learn about Hindt, the more they will agree he's the man for the job. She says, "We've gotten a lot of feedback already, overwhelmingly positive."