New documents released in case of slain Midlothian fitness instructor

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Evidence shows a slain Midlothian fitness instructor and her husband had marital and financial problems, according to documents released by Midlothian police.

Evidence was extracted from personal electronic devices that "indicate and confirm ... ongoing financial and marital struggle as well as intimate/personal relationship(s) external to the marriage."

Missy Bevers was found by some of her fitness clients dead inside a Midlothian church early April 18. Authorities later revealed she suffered multiple puncture wounds to her chest and head. Surveillance video showed a person in police SWAT gear wandering through the church before her murder.

According to an affidavit, Missy was exchanging messages with another man on LinkedIn, a business/resume social network, starting in January. Police said the messages were “flirtatious and familiar” in nature. Police also told FOX 4 the man messaging Missy has cooperated with investigators and was not and is not considered a suspect or a person of interest.

Less than three days before Missy was murdered, she showed a friend another LinkedIn message from a man neither knew. The message was described as “creepy and strange” in the affidavit.

Police also asked for phone records and cell phone tower information of Missy and Brandon Bevers and other names not previously known to the public. The phone numbers had Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin area codes.

Police believe the killer had a cellphone with them at the time of the killing.

Brandon refused to do an on camera interview but released a statement to FOX 4 saying:

Midlothian police clarified no one in the new documents was ever considered a suspect. They say they now have several new persons of interest they are pursuing not named in the documents.

People with information about the case can contact Midlothian police at 972-775-3333.