New developments in case of family of 8 gunned down

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We have more information about the man accused of murdering six children, his ex-girlfriend and her husband in that mass shooting last month in Harris County.  Dozens of pages of paperwork from Harris County Sheriff’s Office investigators had been sealed, until now. 

According to a search warrant within the documents, David Conley confessed to detectives saying he gunned down his own son, his ex-girlfriend Valerie Jackson, her five kids and her husband DeWayne Jackson. 

According to the once sealed documents, cops say on August 8, 2015 Conley parked outside an apartment complex several blocks away from Jackson's house where he also once lived.  He allegedly told investigators he knew the locks had been changed so he crawled into the house through a bedroom window and executed the entire family.
Deputies were actually there as some of the shots rang out because Valerie Jackson reached out to her mom, out of state, saying they desperately needed help.  Investigators say once Conley was arrested there on Falling Oaks Drive they found all eight people dead inside.  Detectives also discovered a 9mm pistol, 34 spent bullet casings, most of which were fired inside the master bedroom.  Three 9mm magazines were also found.  So was an empty 50-count box of ammunition, black gloves, two handcuff keys and four rolls of duct tape.
Investigators are also combing through Conley and the victims' cell phones and social media records because Conley was allegedly harassing Valerie Jackson on  Facebook. 

Conley is behind bars charged with Capital Murder and is expected back in court next month.