Neighbors say suspect in three murders dated female victim

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People in the Bear Creek Village subdivision of northwest Harris County are still talking about the triple murder suspect they knew as a neighbor.

“He lived across the street,” said Chris Washington of his neighbor Jeffrey Noble. “For half the time I knew he lived there, I used to try to avoid him really, because he looked like he used to be up to no good."

People on Echo Canyon Drive say Jeffrey Noble lived there, not far from the scene where he is accused of shooting and killing Jessica Sciandra, John Sciandra and Jordan Collier. 

“I never imagined that he'd hit three people that we all knew, you know?,” said Lexi Blackmon, a neighbor of Noble and acquaintance of his victims. “It's kind of devastating, but he's caught now."

Noble was captured early Monday morning by Dallas police following the shooting on Friday afternoon at the Sciandra home on Creekhaven Drive.

Blackmon said Noble dated one of his victims.

"I know Jessica and Jeff are ex relationship, so that could be a big part of it," explained Blackmon.

Flowers now mark the scene of the gruesome murder of three people reported on Friday afternoon. 

Police say two women inside the home were able to escape the gunfire.

Raymond Steere, who lives down the street from Noble’s home, says one of those women ran to his home.

"She said she heard gun shots and all that, so she was like scared and hiding and I guess took off running," said Steere. He said he knows the woman and was in the process of taking her to a friend's house when police met them and took the woman in for questioning.

Noble is being held on $892,888 bond. Court records show he has a long criminal history in Harris County dating back to 2002.