National Wine Day: These free-to-stream films will have you feeling like a sommelier

May 25 is National Wine Day, so get your cheese board ready, pour a glass of your favorite vintage and settle in to stream documentaries and shows that will transport you to vineyards around the world for free. 

Whether you prefer red, white or rose, what better way to mark the day than with free documentaries and shows about how those fermented grapes turn into mouth-watering bottles of wine? 

The world of wine isn’t a monolith, and there’s a lot to know. Even if you’re not a wine aficionado, tap into your inner sommelier on Tubi with several titles all about wine that will give you a new appreciation for each bottle. 

Wine glasses

FILE - Women toast with white wine at a table in the outdoor area of a restaurant.

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Wine Calling - Starring Bruno Sauvard
"Meet a new breed of DIY winemakers in the French countryside leading the global "natural wine" movement." 

The Wine Guys: Grape Escapes - Starring Michael Podbere, Chuck Katan and Charlie Arturaola
"Three eccentric wine importers embark on a quest to discover the most spectacular vineyards and exquisite wines from around the world." 

Disrupting Wine: The Life of an Entrepreneur - Starring Johan Rimestad and Rógvi Langgaard
"Trace the history of the founder of Vivino, the world's largest wine app, from his upbringing in Denmark to his family’s move to San Francisco." 

American Wine Story - Starring Janie Brooks Heuck, Pascal Brooks, Mike Officer, Kendall Officer, Alan Baker, Serena Lourie, Drew Bledsoe and Dick Erath
"Winemakers and aficionados from all over America uncork history and share oenological stories of loss, risk, passion, community, and transformation." 

Blood Into Wine - Starring Maynard James Keenan, Milla Jovovich, Tim Alexander, Fairuza Balk and Tom Beaujour
"Tool front man Maynard James Keenan has sold millions of albums, but as a winemaker he attempts to bring fame to Arizona’s upstart wine regions." 

The Flying Winemaker (Season 1)
"Eddie " The Flying Winemaker is on a mission: to take the snobbery out of wine and revolutionize its consumption across the Asian continent through pairing it with local cuisine. As the Asian wine market continues to explode, Eddie " The Flying Winemaker will discover unorthodox and unique methods for growing quality grapes in new environments and teach local communities the secrets to pairing wines with local dishes, in ways that have never been done before." 

Our Blood Is Wine - Starring Jeremy Quinn
"A documentary about the continued winemaking traditions 8,000 years after Georgia was invaded by the Soviet Union and had its culture attacked." 

William Shatner's Brown Bag Wine Tasting - Starring William Shatner, Alton Brown, Adam Carolla, LeVar Burton and Misha Collins
"William Shatner invites an eclectic array of guests to enjoy a glass of wine, with its true identity kept under wraps until the end." 

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