Houston filmmaker discovers rising star in child actress, 11

"Who's Watching Us" is coming soon to Tubi but, people should be on the lookout since it's starring a young actress named Kori Michelle, who the filmmaker, Denise Mone't says made just for her after seeing the 11-year-old's audition in a previous movie she did!

22 things we loved in 2022

2022's best films, TV shows and more— including Beyoncé, "Andor," "Jeopardy!," "Nona the Ninth," and a cute little shell with shoes on.

‘The Menu’ review: This horror-satire turns up the heat on foodie culture

“The Menu” director Mark Mylod comes to his latest film fresh off of a three-year run on HBO’s “Succession,” which — if you’ll excuse the pun — makes him ripe for satirizing the world of haute cuisine and the wealthy idiots who eat it. Katie Rife reviews this sharp horror film.

'Welcome to Flatch' recap: How Shrub got his groove back

Welcome back to "Welcome to Flatch" recaps! After a Halloween spooktacular that brought us the scariest image of the show — Shrub shacking up with newcomer Barb — “Glowing Up Is Hard to Do” sees the town reckoning with its newest power couple.

‘The Bad Guys’ is #1 on Netflix — but is it any good?

Mix one part “Zootopia” with two parts “Ocean’s Eleven” and just a dash of the visual flair of “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” and you’ve got “The Bad Guys,” the animated caper from DreamWorks that's currently sitting at the top of Netflix's hot list. FOX Digital film critic Caroline Siede reviews.

Six more fall movies that could score big this awards season

Jennifer Lawrence returns with an intimate drama, Adam Driver confronts the apocalypse, Benoit Blanc is back on the case and Brendan Fraser, Gabrielle Union and Florence Pugh all start down the path to Oscar glory. Here's our take on six movies to watch for this fall.

'Halloween Ends' review: Evil sighs tonight

“Halloween Ends” limps into theaters (and onto Peacock) with its head low and its attitude repentant. Film critic Katie Rife reviews the end (or is it?) of David Gordon Green's trilogy.