Foster parent shortage in Texas continues, hundreds of foster children spend Mother's Day alone

As many of us celebrate Mother's Day and the matriarchs that keep our families going, there are thousands of foster children who don't have anyone to call mom. 

May is National Foster Care Month and what better time to talk about the dire need for more foster mothers in the State of Texas

Chara Phan is celebrating Mother's Day this year not as a biological mom, but as a foster and adoptive mother. Phan first opened her home to two foster children who came and left fairly quickly, but she recently adopted her third foster child who is now 3-years-old.

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"It is so unfamiliar, but the beauty, meaning, and growth that can exist for everyone is just too great to not do again," Phan said. 

Right now, in the state of Texas, there are more than 20,000 children and teens in the foster care system, but not all of them have an actual foster home. 

"There are a number of children who throughout the state of Texas are having to spend nights in hotels because there's just not enough families that are available," said Dejuana Jernigan, President and CEO of Arms Wide. 

The shortage of foster families in Texas has some youth living in hotels with only child protective service workers on-site; for them, Mother's Day isn't exactly celebratory.


"When these children are not with mothers or mother figures it leaves a void in them," Jernigan explained. 

She says there is an urgent need for more foster families, especially those willing to take older children and teens, but there are fears and doubts associated with becoming a foster parent. Many people say they don't want to get attached to children who will eventually leave.

"The kids need that attachment and that love and that consistency," Phan said.


For those who have the heart to help teens and children without families or for those who may be struggling to conceive, there are so many young people out there who could use a good family and a good mother, even if it is for a short while.

"Motherhood is not just a matter of being blood-related, motherhood is about a person's ability to make a decision to love a child and to nurture a child," said Jernigan.

If you'd like more information about how you can become a foster parent visit the Become a Foster Parent ⋆ Arms Wide website.