3 brothers in Houston looking for family to adopt them together

Across Houston, there’s a desperate need for foster and adoptive homes for sibling groups. We met three brothers Oscar, 16, Jordan, 12, and Anthony, 11, at The Color Factory.

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Oscar is a hard worker who has already had multiple jobs.

"Future wise I would love to go weld and be in plants and be an operator, a pipe fitter," he said.


He understands he's close to aging out of the system but would love someone to guide him during his last two years of high school and be able to give his younger brothers a life he didn't have.

"They deserve to have a childhood, to be out and play and talk to kids," said Oscar.  

The younger brothers love sports. I asked them what sport they'd love to try and both said, "golf!"  

"I wish I could play soccer, too," said Jordan.

Right now the boys are in a holding pattern, living in an emergency shelter because there aren't enough foster homes in Texas.  

"It's important they stay together," said Arnold Valdez, Deplechin Children's Center. "We do training, a home study, interview you and then get ready to go."

Depelchin Children's Center says siblings who stay together have improved mental health, do better in school and adjust more easily to their new home.

"[I want] a family that loves me and will take care of me," said Jordan.

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Oscar, just a kid himself still, is committed to making that happen for them.  

"I want them to succeed and give their kids a life they never had, and I want to give them the life I never had," said Oscar.

The brothers also have a sister, who was unavailable to meet with FOX 26. Their CASA advocate sent this statement about them: 

"These are four amazing siblings. They continue to have good attitudes after family struggles. Oscar is a confident young man. Jozelin is wise beyond her years. Jordan is the charmer of the bunch.  Anthony is the clown and keeps us all laughing. They are all a joy to be around."  


To find out more about fostering or adopting the siblings or any other child visit Depelchin's website.