Murder-suicide outside Texas Children's Hospital: Woman shot with her daughter in backseat

Two are dead after a murder-suicide that happened outside a children's hospital in Houston.

HPD Assistant Chief Ban Tien says around 2:08 p.m., officers responded to multiple calls about a shooting at 18200 Katy Freeway, which is the address for Texas Children's Hospital. When they arrived, they found one woman dead from apparent gunshot wounds and a man with a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the passenger's seat.


Officers say they also found a young girl around 8-years-old in the backseat of a vehicle.

According to preliminary information, the woman was driving with the man in the passenger seat, and they arrived at the hospital seeking medical attention for the child for an unrelated reason.

Tien says when they arrived in the parking lot, it is believed the man shot the woman as she tried to exit the car and then shot himself. The young girl was unharmed.

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There is an assumed relationship between the man and woman, but officials can not say for sure what it was. According to Tien, the young girl was the woman's daughter, but the man was not her father.

The young girl is being looked after by physicians and is okay right now, Tien said.

Houston police say they currently investigating the shooting.