Move becomes nightmare for teacher whose furniture is now missing

“I’ve hired movers before and I’ve never had an issue like this,” said Nancy Strasner.

What should have been a celebratory time has been anything but for Strasner and her daughter Sarah,

Sarah Strasner left a teaching position in Houston for her dream job as Tulane’s assistant volleyball coach.

Nancy Strasner says she paid U.S. National Movers out of Florida about $1,500 to move Sarah’s furniture to New Orleans.

Sarah’s apartment wasn’t ready in time, so the furniture had to be stored for a couple of months.

U.S. National Movers is a broker. It hired T.R. Moving Systems to do the physical move.

“He brings the furniture up and it’s not her furniture," Strasner said.

After a major run-around she is told in writing by U.S. National Movers her daughter’s furniture is in route to the United Kingdom.

“And it will take a couple of months for it to come back,” Strasner said.

The physical address for T.R. Moving Systems is an apartment at this complex at 6666 Chimney Rock.

We called T.R. Moving systems, but so far we’ve heard nothing back.

Eric West with U.S. National Movers says in 4,000 moves, this is only the second time a customer’s furniture has been lost.

Do an internet search for T.R. Moving systems and U.S. National Movers and you’ll find plenty of customer horror stories.

But West says happy customers far outnumber unhappy ones.

He assured us they will find Strasner’s furniture and if they don’t she will be reimbursed for it.