Mother of teen murdered shocked to hear son’s suspected killer is already free from jail

We all know just about everyone has the right to be released from jail on bond. However, imagine how hard it would be to hear your child’s accused killer is walking around free before you’re even able to have a funeral.

"19-years-old fresh out of high school beginning his life working at Amazon just trying to find his way," said Shayona Lewis.

BACKGROUND: 1 shot in N. Harris County and search underway for two gunmen, authorities say

The grieving mother was describing her 19-year-old son Patrick Lewis.

"You are never supposed to bury your child," Lewis said.

But now Lewis is living every parent's nightmare.


She says Patrick never saw her cry and now she can’t stop.

"My kids at a young age used to ask me do you ever cry? I’m like of course I was just always strong for them," said Lewis. "But this is important because it’s just not fair."

Last Friday, Lewis says she couldn’t reach her son by phone.

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"I’m calling, my fiancée is calling, [and] it’s going straight to voice mail," she said. "Something’s not right."

Then she hears about a crime scene just a few streets away.

"One was deceased and one was being taken into custody," Lewis said. "Either way it was heartbreaking because I wasn’t sure which one was my son."

Harris Co. Deputy Constables say Patrick Lewis was shot while sitting in his car.


17-year-old Alijah Williams was arrested at the scene and charged with murder.

Only 4 days passed and Williams is free on a $50,000 bond.

"$5,000 that’s all he had to pay to get out after I lost my son," Lewis said. "He’s in the vicinity of my neighborhood and you have calls saying they’ve seen him at McDonald’s that’s something my son will never do again so it’s disturbing."

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