Mother of missing fisherman speaks out

"I haven't been able to sleep, his dad hasn't been able to sleep, none of us have been able to sleep, just knowing he was in the water," says Phyllis Szydlowski.

The last few days have been anything but easy for Szydlowski. Her son went missing Friday morning while he was out fishing with friends.

"At around 7:45 is when it happened. The friend that had made it out realized Jacob didn't surface, went and woke the other friend up and it was about 8:12 when they made the phone calls. They started running so they could get signal and make calls," says Szydlowski.

After a long day of search and rescue crews canvassing the area around San Luis Pass, Szydlowski got another call on Saturday night. Jake's body had been found. "A fisherman who we don't know but would like to thank, found him fishing and out of respect for the family, pulled him in the boat, protected him and drove him to the Brazoria County Sheriffs dock," says Szydlowski.

It brought the first part of closure to the family, but they say they will forever miss him. Jake was a man who liked to play music, spend time with his friends and someone with a truly loving heart. "I am glad he is out of the water so we can have closure for my other two children and everybody else and myself," says Szydlowski.