Mother facing felony charges defends daughter seen beating other girls in videos

After walking out of the restroom at Taco Bell, Tamilla Haynes says she witnessed this -- her 14-year-old daughter Lanasia Goodie hitting one of her classmates that used to be her friend.

“I ended up taking her off of her and we ended up leaving,” Haynes said.

Haynes says the girl her daughter was fighting had threatened to jump her and had done just that along with another girl. She says it happened at Sugar Grove Academy two months ago.

“They’ve been doing this since March,” Haynes said. “I’ve been complaining to the principal, police officers, nothing happened.”

In the video, Goodie is seen getting the best of the other girl.

“She is,” Haynes said. “Don’t pick on nobody you can’t beat up. They’ve been picking on her for the longest.”

Goodie says she feels like she’s being bullied.

“I didn’t have a problem with them. They just stopped liking me for no reason,” said Goodie.

After leaving the Taco Bell, Haynes says she and her daughter came across another confrontation involving a different girl she claims was bullying her daughter and jumped her at school. Goodie jumps into the Fray.

“I was shocked but I really didn’t care,” said Haynes. “You jumped her first. You were fighting her one-on-one, get up and fight back.”

Although Haynes says she’s not seen hitting the 14-year-old girl in the video, she’s now charged with felony injury to a child.

“I feel like none of it is fair because they don’t even try to listen to our side of the story,” Goodie said. “They’re just going off of what they say.”

“If that day comes and I see my child getting jumped, I’m going to fight kids,” Haynes said. “If she fights one-on-one, they’re going to do that on their own, they’re kids.”

HISD sent FOX 26 this statement: