More than 800 arrests in joint county-wide law enforcement operation

It was a massive law enforcement operation that you likely didn't even know was happening right in your neighborhood. The Harris County Sheriff's Office worked with the Texas Department of Public Safety and several constables' offices to tackle violent crimes.

More than 800 arrests recorded as a result of the collaborative effort that began in 2017. Deputies and troopers targeted several high-crime areas in Harris County with 100 extra law enforcement officers on the streets. The initiative also resulted in 167 citations issued and 55 guns confiscated. The law enforcement officers seized 28 pounds of marijuana, 592 grams of cocaine, 181 grams of Xanax and more than $35,000 in cash. 

Harris County Sheriff's Office Capt. Jay Coons explains the operation and its results during an interview with Isiah Carey.