More than 100 animals seized from squatter

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It's a frustration you and I can't really appreciate unless you were in the shoes of business owner Tremell Kukoy and landlord Winnie NG.

Kukoy says, "I changed the lock when I took lease on it...I changed the lock this son of a bitch broke the lock."

That SOB they're talking about is Rick Aaron.  He lives in the house behind Kukoy's business. In that house with him the Harris County Precinct 1 Constables office found more than 100 dogs and cats. 

NG, the landlord also said Rick was officially evicted in 2014 but has refused to move.  Kukoy says his presence is damaging to her packing and Uhaul business on Chimney Rock.

"How can I run my business when a homeless man won't get out," says Kukoy.

June the first is the date when Aaron is due back in court for his eviction, but for now the Constable and the SPCA were focused on getting the 100+ dogs and cats out of his home. We spoke with Rick who said his intentions were good....he just didn't want the animals to remain on the streets.

The problem with that - Kukoy, the business owner, says Rick took over the warehouse she leased behind her business and his house on Schumacher. She says he moved his furniture in along with even more dogs hampering her efforts in a facility she is paying rent for.

The Constables are allowing the eviction issue to play out in court...even though the animals are being removed Rick will be able to stay in the house until his court date. 

What will happen now is Rick will be charged with felony animal cruelty once the district attorney accepts the charges according to Constable Alan Rosen.