Montgomery County burn ban in effect for unincorporated areas

A burn ban is now in effect in all unincorporated areas of Montgomery County.

Commissioner’s Court adopted the burn ban on Tuesday to go into effect immediately.


Officials say authorities can issue a Class C citation to those who violate the burn ban, which could result in a fine up to $500 for each occurrence.

Violators can face additional penalties if the burning violates state air quality regulations, causes injury or results in property damage, officials say.

The county says burning is always prohibited on commercial property, and the burning of land clearing debris is also prohibited except when done in accordance with state air quality regulations utilizing air curtain incinerators permitted through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

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Local ordinances regulate outdoor burning, so those who live in cities are advised to contact their local city hall for guidance.

Residents of unincorporated Montgomery County are asked not to call 911 about outdoor burning unless it is an emergency.

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