Mom claims girl was sexually assaulted by other students near school grounds

A northeast Houston mother speaks to FOX 26 about how her daughter was allegedly dragged  and sexually assaulted near the school her daughter attends.

The mother who did not want to be identified says her daughter was a vibrant student, but now she’s quiet, keeping to herself after the incident. While she’s at home recovering, the mother is outraged to find out some of the boys responsible are still allowed on school ground.

“It’s ridiculous. They shouldn't be there. I mean my daughter should be there getting her education because she’s the victim,“ the woman says.

It’s was on Monday when the female eighth grader was heading to her last class of the day. According to her mother, she was approached by five boys who started to push her away from the grounds of Forest Brook Middle School, dragging her through the fence, and into the back woods. One of the boys took out his cellphone and started recording the incident.

“The other boy I heard was punching her in her head, pushing her to the ground shoving her, things like that. Two other students had sexual intercourse with my daughter by then she was telling them to stop leave me alone and try to get away but you know it’s a girl and five boys,“ the woman says.

The mother tells us after the boys left the victim the video was uploaded onto Instagram, where it caught the attention on the principal who then informed the mother of what happened. The video was later taken down.

HISD released a statement:

HISD police are investigating an alleged sexual assault involving several Forest Brook Middle School students near the campus. At this time, no charges have been filed. The safety of our students is always our top priority.

Another parent spoke with FOX 26 about how her daughter was robbed and assaulted back in November in the school parking lot of Forest Brook Middle School, but not much has been done.

She says, “Our children are not safe I did call I did talk to them about maybe putting more surveillance for our kids some more safety for kids to avoid anything happening and now this happened.”

School administrators and HISD police say they plan on increasing the frequency of their patrols not just on campus but the surrounding areas as well. Something the victim’s mother wishes was done before.

“My daughter tells me there is bullying there, there’s fighting there every day on campus, like I feel there is less supervision there for the students,” the mother says.