Military veterans react to President's planned military parade

Have you heard about President Donald Trump's idea for a military parade? It's being met with a lot of criticism, even by many members of the military. How could there possibly be controversy surrounding an American parade to salute our selfless troops? Some say what the President is proposing is far from the All-American celebrations we've come to know.

After President Trump observed firsthand as French troops pounded the streets of Paris in the Bastille Day Parade 2017, he said that it needed to be done in the U.S. also.

”The concept and the idea of honoring our military is incredibly important,” explains U.S. Air Force veteran Linda Morales. 

”But when you start looking at it logistically,” adds Tony Deleon, who is retired from the U.S. Army. 

”The cost and the appearance on the world stage, I think, may weigh far more against having such a parade,” explains Army Reserves veteran Jon Spiers. Why? Well, this parade would showcase the power of the U.S. Armed Forces.

A show of military strength typically is not done in the U.S., so some see this as parading our military's power rather than celebrating our troops. 

”And that's exactly what we criticize North Korea for doing," adds Morales. "Having spent a year in Korea, I've seen it firsthand.”  

“We never want anyone to think of us as someone like the Soviet Union or the Chinese who have these huge marshal parades,” adds Spiers.

“Those countries are more or less communist countries and their military is different from ours,” says Deleon.

Some estimates for shipping equipment and tanks to Washington, D.C. for the event could cost millions. 

“We could use that money in a better way to support our military families," says Morales. "We can look at raises for our lower enlisted folks who many have to use assistance to feed their families.”

“The conflict I have is with using funds that could be more effective elsewhere,” adds U.S. Navy veteran Luz Rebollar. However, Rebollar says the President's proposed parade sounds patriotic. 

”Anything that's new, sometimes people are reluctant to change but I don't see it, at all," adds Rebollar with a smile. "As a veteran, I would love to march in that parade.”

The parade could take place this year. The White House confirms a parade is being planned.