Mexican ambassador to U.S. emphasizes cooperation at Dallas visit

Mexico’s ambassador to the U.S. wanted to emphasize cooperation between the two nations during his visit to Dallas on Friday. But he remained firm that his country would not be paying for a border wall.

The wall was one of President Trump's signature campaign promises and as president he's added that Mexico would pay for the wall in some form -- either through a payment or a tax.

"As expressed by my President, that won't happen. It's not something that the Mexican government has ever considered,” said Geronimo Gutierrez, Mexican Ambassador to the U.S.

Gutierrez wants to focus on how the two countries can cooperate. He was in Dallas for an event on the SMU campus.

"Every day U.S. and Mexico security agents are working together to fight organized crime and terrorist threats,” Gutierrez said.

In February, the Department of Homeland Security estimated it would cost more than $21 billion to build the wall.

Texas Congressman Michael McCaul told Good Day's Tim Ryan on Friday a physical wall is not Congress' only option.

“I think conceptually, what does the wall look like? That's what we're debating in Congress, and also the funding issue,” McCaul said.

Trump said he wants to renegotiate NAFTA, something that concerns lawmakers in Texas and Mexico. The ambassador met with Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins on Friday, who pointed out that Texas is the biggest trade partner in NAFTA.

“There are a lot of manufacturers in Mexico who need to get their product to our 7 million people,” Jenkins said. “I think there is a wonderful opportunity for expansion is our inland port in southern Dallas.”