Memorial held for Hazel Billingsley, killed by grandson

On a Sunday afternoon in Tomball members of the Billingsley family met to honor a mother, a grandmother, a friend and someone who brought joy to their lives.

"We want her to remembered for who she was and what she gave, she always gave back, she helped my son, she was there for him, they had a beautiful relationship, she had a beautiful relationship with all of her grandchildren", says one of her daughters Melanie.

Police say Hazel Billingsley, 67, died in her home on March 11th when her grandson shot her. Nathan Billingsley, 21, has now been charged with murder, a tragic fact that has haunted the family since.

"It's been up and down, good and bad, mostly bad, the busy moments I can be okay, the NOT so busy moments I'm not okay", says Michelle Agorastas, also Hazel's daughter.

Melanie Billingsley was says her mother loved her son dearly. She says, "there is a real mental illness it there and addiction, drugs, alcohol, but mental illness is real".

"We've not just lost or mom we've lost my nephew, a son, if people knew the real him without drugs they would feel so differently, so we are having a hard time with that", says Carrie Zamir, also Hazel's daughter.

This day however, was not about what happened, but about the woman they loved. People wore purple, her favorite color and released purple balloons to let her know that eve down on earth, they send their love to heaven.

"I know, I know, I know she would forgive him", says Melanie Billingsley.