Memorial area residents meet to discuss flooding lawsuit filed against city

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"When you flood three times in one year it drives fear," said attorney Charles Irvine. "When you spend a year rebuilding your home after the last flood only for it to flood again a couple of weeks after you move back in that's devastating."

The plaintiffs filing the federal lawsuit call themselves Residents Against Flooding.
They are suing the city of Houston and TIRZ 17 which the city gives tax money to for redevelopment.

"We are asking the court to enjoin the city and force them to face up to their responsibilities as a governmental entity and try to help the neighborhoods,"Irvine said. "They can't keep approving certain TIRZ's projects that worsen the problems in the neighborhood "

Part of the deal if you will is that the redevelopment is suppose to include additional detention ponds.

In this case one was suppose to be built north of I-10 and a second one south of I-10.

"After the 2009 floods they were frustrated and they'd been told and promised by the city and the TIRZ additional detention ponds would be built and then they were never built," said Irvine.

The lawsuit alleges the city approves private commercial development knowing that without sufficient storm water mitigation hundreds of homes will flood when a hard rain comes.

The city won't comment on pending litigation but attorney's for the city are expected to file a motion in hopes of dismissing the lawsuit.