Melissa's Healthworks Rejuvenation Station at Houston Methodist Hospital

Emergency rooms can be stressful, not just for patients, but also for caretakers. Houston Methodist Hospital recognizes that and is making sure their employees get a peaceful break to help strengthen their mental health. They're doing this through a Rejuvenation Station in their E.R. in the Texas Medical Center. 

Emergency after emergency takes place in the Houston area 24-hours a day.  Medical workers at Houston Methodist Hospital are ready to take care of them, but being in a high-stress environment can take a toll. That's where this Rejuvenation Station comes in.  

Kimberley DuBose is the Emergency Room Operations Manager and is thrilled to see that many of her colleagues are taking advantage of this new concept. "It does give an opportunity not only during the busy day in general, but also when you have a very intense moment to decompress and get your focus before you go back,  it allows us to be patient-focused," explains Kimberley.  

Winslow Young says it works!  "I think it's awesome!  There are patients who are really sick and it takes a lot out of you, you have time to just go unwind and just relax and de-stress and get re-focused for the next patient, but it's a great stress reliever," smiles Winslow.

There are six relaxing journey videos to choose from and each one lasts three minutes, though employees are welcomed to enjoy more than one.  "The sound surrounds you, so hit's hitting all of your senses.  The video is very relaxing and the music, it's very professionally done."            

Their study shows that the Rejuvenation Station is bringing down the stress level in the E.R.  "We did a poster on the outside and inside for those who assessed before and after they came out of the booth.  What we found - people felt very stressed, strained before they went in and after, they felt very relaxed," states Kimberley.  

Many different types of workers are relying on it.  "People come in from housekeeping, patient access, nursing, our providers, doctors.  It's utilized across the foundation of all employees who work in the emergency room," says Kimberley. 

"Mindfulness-based stress relief" has also been shown to significantly lower blood pressure.