Melissa Wilson hosts 21st Children at Risk Golf Tournament

It's that time of year!  The golf tournament FOX 26 Anchor Melissa Wilson has been hosting for the organization Children at Risk the past two decades is coming up in just a few weeks.

We caught up with a few friends of Children at Risk who have teamed up with us at FOX 26 and serve on the golf committee, to help drive change for children.

Mark Troth from Plains Capital Bank has been involved the past decade. He's thrilled we have a record number of golfers this year.

"That's a miracle considering the environment that we're in and the fact that we were able to hold our tournament last year during the pandemic year, with some different protocols. We didn't lose our momentum, and I think that was important coming into 2021," exclaims Troth.

He's proud to partner with the organization.

"It's all about the children, and I was a child once, I've got children, I've got grandchildren, and they are the future. We've seen so many changes throughout the years in this market and Children at Risk is a Texas entity founded in Houston. We are advocates for the children and for the demographic that cannot necessarily represent themselves," states Troth.

Manny Panjwani is so impressed with the organization that he got his company, Accenture, involved as the lead sponsor this year!

"There's a synergy there! I believe in the cause for children; children's education, health, nutrition, and obviously anti-trafficking, all of which fit very well with Children at Risk and it aligns with Accenture's core values, as well as what we're doing in the community in Houston," states Panjwani.

Troth says he appreciates Children at Risk because it's the voice for children!

"It is not direct services. We're not feeding hungry children, but we're passing or have passed a bill to the Texas legislature for universal breakfast to serve a million children a day. So, through advocacy, analytics, and research, and with the areas that Manny mentioned, we are helping the children, and trying to improve their lives, education, health and their welfare, so they can be the citizens of the future who will carry on the next generation," says Troth.

He says now we get to do something fun like golf, to raise funds to help make all of that happen!

The tournament is Monday, May 10, at The Woodlands Country Club.

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