Medic describes chaotic atmosphere as they tried treating lifeless patients at Astroworld

The FBI is now investigating Friday’s deadly Astroworld Festival tragedy. According to authorities, eight people have died, while dozens remain injured. The eight people killed range from 14 to 27 years old.

On Monday, several lawsuits were filed against the performers, event planners, and security. 

THE VICTIMS: What we know about the 8 lives lost in the Astroworld tragedy

"Basically, [I’m] just wanting to get justice for everybody," said Arsalina Rehman.

Rehman was at the music festival with a VIP pass. According to the 24-year-old, she knew something was wrong when she noticed people fainting.

"The crowd [was] swaying so much," said Rehman. "I was literally moving two feet to either side with everybody pushing. It was just crazy to see all of these lifeless people [and] bodies."

"No one goes to a concert expecting to walk into a battlefield," said attorney Miriah Soliz. "That’s what happened, and no one expects that when they walk into a concert."

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When Travis Scott started performing, the crowd of at least 50,000 people surged towards the stage. Video shows some concertgoers partying and dancing on ambulance carts as they tried reaching patients.

"Even when CPR's are in progress, my coworkers [were] trying to do their best to keep these people alive," said Remington Richardson. "[There were people] jumping on top, partying, trying to flip the golf carts. It’s like, where is the humanity?"

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Richardson had been at the festival working as a medic. Richardson describes a chaotic scene with many people needing medical treatment.

"Even during my CPR's I was handling, I couldn’t walk 15 steps without someone tugging on my jacket saying please, my friend has a dislocated shoulder, help me."


Tara Griffin says she left the concert early because she didn’t feel safe. According to Griffin, she saw some people jump fences and breach security before the festival even started.

"When you come out to the public to go to a concert, you don’t act like that," said Griffin. "The police were outnumbered. There’s no way they could have handled all of those people."

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As of Monday evening, six people remained hospitalized, including five in intensive care.

"There wasn’t any concert etiquette," said Richardson. "They didn’t care about the people around them, only themselves. I was almost fighting people. I was pushing them out of the way. Some people wanted to prevent medical care, completely unbelievable. They’re like oh, he’s a medic, block the medic. People are actually dying and they think it’s a joke. The most intense thing I’ve ever been a part of."