Mayor refuses to explain why some pay more for water

The municipality of Woodloch in southern Montgomery County is nothing more than two streets that form a U Shape.

Residents who live in the 70 or so houses on those two streets pay one amount for water while the town of Woodloch charges some 200 other homes a lot more for their water.

Tuesday night about two dozen residents met with Fox26 to complain about their water bills which they say average 3 to 400 dollars a month.

The residents say they've gotten no explanation for the segregated billing practices from Woodloch Mayor Diane Lincoln.

So we knocked on her door.

"I'm not dressed," Lincoln can be heard shouting behind the closed door. "Get off my property."

The Mayor shouted no when we asked her to answer our questions.

A couple of weeks ago when we came to Woodloch to hear about what some residents call bizarre water billing practices the mayor abruptly canceled the scheduled city hall meeting.

Guess we're going to keep going back to Woodloch until we get some answers.