Man's dying wish to find homes for his beloved pets yet to be fulfilled

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The tan dog’s name is Bull, the little black one is affectionately called “get out of here.” They sit and wait for an owner who would return if only he could.

“I don’t have no tongue no more,” Bobby Lee Brockman told FOX 26 News back on June 26.

The prostate cancer Brockman first thought was in remission returned with a vengeance. First, it took his tongue. Then just days ago, it took his life.

“He was my favorite uncle," said Candace Reed, Brockton’s niece. "He was only fourteen years older than me, so we kind of grew up together.”

After the initial profile of Brockman aired on FOX 26, all five of his puppies were adopted.

The three little chihuahuas that Brockman slept with every night have a forever home with a family friend.

But the four larger dogs are still in need of homes or foster families.

"They are all very shy, very good dogs very calm and loving, very deserving of good homes,” said Reed. She also said Brockman lived his final days to the fullest, even enjoying a last dance.

“He went in peace, he went without pain, he had everyone who loved him surrounding him,” added Reed. She is hoping the beloved dogs her uncle left behind will find new homes soon.

“Just a little bit of love can go so far,” said Reed. "They all deserve a good life.”