Mandatory evacuation ordered for flooding Lake Jackson neighborhoods

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Folks at the tail end of the Brazos near Lake Jackson knew the river was coming, but what's made them catch their breath is the sheer speed and volume of the onslaught.

"It came in super fast. It was crazy," said Mason Cross as he paddled a kayak with his brother down a flooded street.

The Northwood neighborhood added a couple feet to their levee two years ago and this year it's proving not enough protection. So far, homes here are still above the in flux, but many have voluntarily heeded guidance to seek higher ground.

"Some have evacuated. Some have gotten nervous and rightly so and gotten children and pets to safer places," said one resident.

"The nice part about it is all the neighbors are coming out and we're getting to visit, but it's pretty scary," added Terry Rogers, a Northwood resident.

It was child's play compared to what they're dealing with in the neighborhood known as Sugar Mill where the flooding Brazos has turned front yards and backyards alike, into virtual lakes.

Victor and Mary Martinez's deck has become a dock.

"Living here for 23 years I've seen it this high and I'm getting concerned about my house," said Mary.
The Martinez's say their two acres was dry land just 48 hours ago, now it's under two and a half feet of water and rising.

Victor and others are hopeful the worst of the spillage is behind them.ident Mary's not so sure.

"No, we're not staying," said Mary.

Sugar Mill is under a mandatory evacuation order from Brazos County Emergency managers.