Man shares dangers of drinking and driving: 'Don't be like me.'

Jamie Chapman made the fateful decision to drink and drive back in 2011, when he was just shy of his 21st birthday.

“My parents were out of town and I tried to throw a party,” Chapman says.

After the party Chapman decided to go back to his apartment and the unthinkable happened. He crashed his car and hit a tree.

“Doing what the police say was about 80,” Chapman say.

Chapman suffered severe brain trauma. He now goes to schools sharing with students his story and his message.

“Don’t be like me. Just don’t,” Chapman says. “All I needed to do was hide my keys somewhere where I wouldn’t remember till the morning. But unfortunately I did not and I am suffering the consequences now.”

Chapman joined Tom Zizka and Melissa Wilson on the FOX 26 News special "Surviving the Drive" to talk about the lasting consequences of his decision and the warning he has for everyone.