Man gets tattoo of wife for 59th wedding anniversary

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Some people, no matter their age, really do live by the motto "go big or go home." To celebrate their 59th anniversary, Arthur Burch hit up a tattoo parlor and got inked with a portrait of his wife, Patricia...smack dab on his chest...along with the date of their wedding.

That's love right there! Arthur says they met when Patti was 18 and he was 17. He fell head over heels for her when they met at the roller rink, where he used to love watching her skate. From skating to dating! And he says he remembers it like yesterday.

They married a year later and have two children, Hadley and Lisa. Arthur now visits his wife at Wesley Manor Retirement Center for lunch every single day. Patti has Alzheimer’s and cannot live at home. But Arthur does everything he can to make her smile.

He said though she may not always recognize him or remember him--he can tell time times she does because of the special look that spreads across her face. And no matter what, Arthur says he will always love her.

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