Man drowns at Banana Bend in northeast Harris County

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Harris county sheriffs department is investigating a drowning that occurred Saturday in the Highlands.

Harris county sheriff's deputies us that a man was enjoying time with his family at Banana Bend Beach.

Just before 1 p.m. deputies received the call.

They were told a Hispanic male about 50 years of age was in chest high water with a woman and child.

The woman started to head back to shore to put the child down. When she turned around, the man she was with was gone.

Witnesses said they saw him go underwater, but he never came back up.

Harris county sheriffs marine patrol was able to locate the body and bring it to shore.

Although they are still investigating what lead to this tragedy, officials tell us that the flood waters can alter the base of the beach leaving many holes behind.

Sheriffs said that the victim knew how to swim and alcohol does not appear to be a factor. They warn people to be cautious even in shallow waters.