Man dies after four vehicle crash off of Louetta

Four vehicles lay strewn across the 2400 block of Louetta just two miles west of I-45. Witnesses outside say they heard loud crashes just after 4:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

Dominic Flores lives nearby and says he unfortunately, frequently sees accidents in this area. “I rushed over here, young lady got out of her vehicle, everybody else was pretty much ok as far as I can tell you everybody seemed ok,” says Flores.

Ryan Boyd says he was driving one of the cars that got hit. “Head-on collision, we both spent out. I blacked out for like three seconds, five seconds and immediately I got out of the car just make sure I was ok. Went about 25 minutes and the guy never comes out”, says Boyd.

Harris County Sheriffs Office officials say a man was driving a green car going westbound on Louetta when he turned left onto a side street and into oncoming traffic, in the process, hitting three other vehicles.

“Male subject got out, walked over to a couple of cars and was speaking to people, individuals. Went back to his vehicle, walked around his car, got back into his vehicle and indications now that he shot himself while he was inside the vehicle,” Sgt. Thomas Gilliland says.

The motive is not know at this time and police are still investigating whether or not the man purposefully or accidentally drove across traffic. “We are trying to determine exactly what is in this man’s past or what was happening as far as to take his own life here on the scene as something as Monday and as a four car accident,” says Sgt. Gilliland.

“So I’m just happy and blessed to be here and really prayers for the family of that victim but it just shows you how quick that can happen,” says Boyd.