Man charged after racist rant at cell phone store

Joey Derek Christian was not exactly living up to his name that day,  going off on a store clerk named Mo, as in Mohammed. Mo had been helping another customer at the time when Christian confronted him.

"He just charged me pretty much. Heated. His voice was raised. I was helping a customer and I didn't really think he was talking to me. It took a couple of minutes to register."

When he did, he was afraid it would escalate.

Here's a little taste of it. We substituted the word "bleep" for the various cuss words.

"--- Arabs. You know what, I don't give a --- about what some --- has to say about a ---- Arab. I've been killing their kind for six months. Actually, two years in the last country I was in. People like that are the reason this country is going to what it's going to. I've been killing his kind since longer than you've been alive...."

The woman who shot the video is actually older than he is.

He claims he's been on five different continent killing Arabs for six months, two years, twenty years, it kept changing. But cell phones do more than shoot video. The woman who shot the video also called 911.   

Police have now charged him with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

As for Mo, he says it's not the first time. And probably not the last to he's dealt with this kind of bigotry. Now, a whole lot of people are seeing it.

"I'm glad we're bringing awareness to it. We can't just fight fire with Fire. Just have to spread positivity when you confront that stuff," he says.

Oh, and his mother was born in the U.S. and he is a citizen.