Maintenance man accused of stealing from resident

Philadelphia police say a sneaky  burglar wearing gloves, shining a flashlight and creeping around an apartment unit at Cloverly Park apartments in Germantown was actually the building's maintenance man. 

Detectives confirm Christopher Taylor, of Bensalem, turned himself into police yesterday on multiple charges related to theft and burglary.

Gina Jewett helped police solve this crime. The surveillance footage came from her unit. She says she installed a hidden camera in July after she noticed medication was missing. This week, she  help cracked the case.

"I came home Monday night and was going through my camera I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was like is this for real," she told FOX 29.  "He was in my stuff you could hear him ransacking drawers."

Jewett says she immediately called police and reported the incident to her property manager who assured her that Taylor has been let go. No one from the management company has returned our calls to confirm that or comment on the situation. Jewett says property managers have yet to tell residents what happened and she thinks that's wrong.

Jewett says her landlord changed her locks but she still doesn't feel safe. She plans to move out as soon as possible and wants some help.

"I want them to compensate me I need to move I shouldn't have to pay for it out of my pocket because I was violated by their employee," she explained.