Locals outraged over ducks being euthanized

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Many locals are outraged at a Houston community preparing to kill over a hundred ducks in their neighborhood.
Fox 26 received numerous emails and calls from locals saying they would gladly take in some of the ducks, but one couple said they will take all of those that will be killed. Sadly,  the law forbids it.

Woodwind Lakes in northwest Houston alongside the HOA have decided  to euthanize just over one-hundred ducks  that have taken over the neighborhood.  Residents have been complaining that they are out of control, eating their landscaping, and are becoming nuisance. But a local wildlife specialist said these ducks didn’t choose this community to live in; they were originally placed there.

“They’re not there because they want to be, they’re there because someone started the population there,” said Sharon Schmalz, Executive Director of the Wildlife Center of Texas.  “And so now they’re stuck in that area, so if we can help them we should.”

When FOX 26e aired the story earlier this week, dozens of local Houston residents responded, saying they too, want the ducks to be saved.

“It seems like a shame to put them down, I don’t understand why they can’t be rehomed,” said Cindy Blake, who owns Triple Creek Ranch in Bedias, Texas with Her husband. 

The Blake’s own over 90 acres of land and said they are willing to rehome all of the ducks. 

“We’re volunteering to take all of the ducks up to our ranch and provide a good home and a good habitat for them,” said Greg Blake.

The couple has over seven acres of water, they have goats, cows, chickens, and dogs all ready to add some ducks to their happy family. But according to US Fish and Wildlife Services regulations, it is illegal to relocate the Muscovy breed of ducks because they are considered invasive.

“We don’t like to see animals put down needlessly.”

But by moving all of the ducks to the same location experts say the law is slightly flawed. 

“If they can move a group of them together at one time they’ll tend to stay in that area, especially if it’s a nice location with grass and trees and stuff,” said Schmalz. “ I would sure try it.”

“I can’t speak for Texas Parks and Wildlife and their rules and regulations, but I would say that we’re willing to take on the challenge of having them up here,” said Mr. Blake.

As of now,  we have reached out to Texas Parks and Wildlife for several days with no response.

Woodwind Lakes plans to set traps this month where the one-hundred plus ducks will be euthanized.