Local non-profit providing dog houses, blankets for homeless and abandoned dogs as Arctic Blast approaches

One area of northeast Houston-area is known as the ‘Corridor of Cruelty.’ Sadly, homeless dogs that are dumped there will likely die in the upcoming Arctic Blast.

"We're very concerned about dogs living, and we're especially concerned about dogs living on the streets," said Tena Lundquist Faust, co-president of Houston PetSet.

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That's why Houston PetSet bought several dog houses and blankets with freezing temperatures headed our way.

State law requires dog owners who tether to provide adequate shelter.

"Adequate shelter means adequate enough for that animal to not suffer," said Lundquist-Faust. "So in cases where it's very cold like this, it's just absolutely best for your pet to be inside."

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While no dog should be left outside during the upcoming Arctic Blast, for some it's an automatic death sentence.

"A lot of dogs are not meant for extreme temperatures," Lundquist-Faust said. "Dogs with short fur dogs, that are small have more body surface area, they do not do well in these cold temperatures, and they will die."

Some of the dog houses and blankets will go to street feeders.

"For every one or two we pull off the street and rescue, we see three or four more we don't always get to," said Houston PetSet volunteer Hayden Cowie. "Thank God street feeders are out there feeding them, and taking care of them as best they can, so we can get to them."

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"Animal control will be getting some of the dog houses we purchased, so when they are out on the streets, they will be able to provide dog houses to families that can't afford them," said Lundquist Faust.

To help a pet in need, visit BARC's website by clicking here or visit Harris County Pets by clicking here