Local doctors using vacation time to help on the battlefield in Ukraine

Our coverage continues from the frontlines of Ukraine. From those fighting in the war, to now the ones saving lives on the battlefield.

Dr. Shalene Amin, and trauma surgeon Dr. Sameer Gupta, are voluntarily spending their two-week vacation helping in Ukraine. We met the couple the day they left Houston for Poland two weeks ago, with 20 bags of donated medical equipment thanks to donations and Project CURE.

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Sporadic pictures and updates online were coming through, but we couldn’t get a stable connection until recently.

"I think we are doing fine. I think it is about being able to express to the world that even what you see on TV is just nowhere near what you see here in real life, what these people are going through," said Amin. "Going to the refugee camps, it is heartbreaking…we are never prepared for the next day, because it is always going to be something different, something new."

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Those needing medical help are not just caused from bullets and shelling.

"We saw patients coming in because how much the war has affected them, they have gone into depression, so we saw many patients coming in with self-inflicted wounds, so you have to manage that," said Gupta. "It is overwhelming and frustrating, because you want to do more."


Amin said," I think it is just an instinct to keep going right now, and we are OK. We are just so happy that we are able to do this."

"The message I always get is please let America know when you go back that we are so lucky to have you. Thank you for all of your support. They are just so grateful, and that is all we want really," said Amin.

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