Licensed gun owner kills armed robber at gas station in north Harris County

A robbery suspect was killed and the victim is injured after a shootout at a Valero gas station near George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Deputies say the shooting appears to the result of an attempted robbery.

A man driving a Jeep fought off and killed a robber who confronted him but not before getting hit by gunfire himself.

"Someone approached a vehicle, attempted to rob the individual inside the vehicle. There was an exchange of gunfire between vehicle owner and our suspect," Lt. David Klozik with the Harris County Sheriff's Office said.

Crystal Bryan was standing in the parking lot when the robber confronted his victim. "There was about 11 or 12 shots like a binary trigger you would hear," Bryan said.

Deputies confirm the man who killed the armed robber is a licensed concealed handgun owner.

"He pulled out his gun. The robber pulled out his and started shooting at the man with the Jeep. The man with the Jeep was a better shot and he shot and killed the robber," Bryan said.

Klozik says the victim was transported to the hospital with gunshot wounds.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office says they see a spike in crimes like this during the holidays.

The family of the robbery suspect showed up at the scene. His brother said he's devastated to see his little brother killed after losing his older brother as well. He said, "He's not the type to do this."