League City teen says she was followed home by cop impersonator

It's a situation you never want to see happen to a child or someone you care about. A League City teenager says she was followed home by someone trying to impersonate a police officer.

Friday night, Lauren Little, 16, was driving home from a fun night with friends. Before getting to their house, Lauren and her sister noticed someone was following them. The man was driving a black new model of a F-150 with dark tinted windows and black wheels.

She tried to shake the man, but he followed them around the neighborhood for a while. In that time, Lauren says he turned on blue and red flashing lights inside his vehicle, flashed his lights and honked multiple times. She noticed the lights were a lot smaller than a police officers and that a cop would turn on sirens, not honk, so she didn't stop. Eventually, the girls were able to get away from him, but Lauren says she now wants to warn other teens in the area, to be careful.

“You know you see stuff like that on Facebook. You see the post about sex trafficking and how it’s a big deal and you don’t ever think it’s going to happen to you because you know it’s so rare, but I’m telling y’all it can happen so please be aware of that,” says Lauren Little.

Anyone with information is asked to call the League City Police Department.