LAX opens doggy bathrooms inside airport

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Dogs that travel on planes now have a bathroom to use at the Los Angeles International Airport.

Dogs traveling on planes now have a bathroom just for them at the airport.

The Los Angeles international airport is introducing their newest animal friendly bathroom on Friday. The airport is calling them "relief areas" past security checkpoints inside eight of their terminals.

The airport cut the ribbon Saturday, allowing passengers to care for their animals without the hassle of leaving the terminal. The relief areas can be used by police canine teams and the airport’s 55 volunteer therapy dogs used to de-stress passengers before they fly.

“This is a very effective and efficient way of our passengers being able to come through security one time and then when needed, have a facility here for their pets to find relief," explained Los Angeles World Airports CEO Deborah Flint. "We know that our guests, who travel with service animals and pets, have the convenience of staying inside our terminal concourses, not leaving the concourses for their pets to be relieved and go through security"

LAX now has more animal relief areas than any other airport in the country.